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Favorite parts
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There are many Christmas  drinking straws traditions embraced by my family that bring a sense of comfort and community as we celebrate the holidays. Several of them are worthy of being shared, and may indeed be common in your Christmas celebrations.Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year, so how can you save some extra money this year without scrimping on any of your favorite parts? Use these helpful hints and tricks to decorate without spending all of your hard earned dough!While you’re at the fabric store, grab some gold sheer fabric and drape it artfully over the mantle piece. Hold it in place with some homemade candleholders. Get some clean, empty wine bottles and stick dollar Paper straw store candles in the top. It looks rustic and creative!Go to a nearby wood and collect some pinecones which you can just dip in gold paint. Cheap and easy this is incredibly festive and looks classy and fabulous in your living room!

One of the most prominent holiday trends during the past few seasons has been the Elf on the Shelf. Our family was a little late coming on board with this one, but has now incorporated it into our traditions. During the Christmas decorative pom poms season, our little elf gets into all kinds of mischief and keeps an eye on things for Santa. It is tremendous fun, and I can’t believe our little elf didn’t come to our shelf sooner! We have happily embraced our elf as one of our new Christmas traditions.

Another wonderful Christmas tradition in our family is all the baking and candy-making. It begins the day after Thanksgiving, if I can hold myself off that long! This decadent family tradition includes a half dozen different kinds of fudge, bourbon balls, truffles, cookies, pies, and any other kind of treat you can bring to mind!Of all the Christmas traditions in our family, the family tradition of opening a singular gift on Christmas Eve dates back many generations. Traditionally, the family member who is the first to declare, “Christmas Eve gift!” gets to open a Party favor gift prematurely. You’d think it would always be a kid, but not necessarily…and all IS fair in love, war, and Christmas!
 Our family traditions speak volumes about the importance of family, and may never be more evident than during the Christmas season. It will be interesting to see what new Christmas traditions are implemented as my own children leave the nest and have families of their own. Some tried and true traditions will be passed along, I’m sure, along with a few of the latest holiday trends sprinkled in.

How does your family celebrate the holidays and what are the traditions that you embrace? I’ll bet we all have a few holiday traditions in common and I would imagine every family has some special traditions of their own that are unique! That’s the beauty of celebrating the holidays with family.Every part of life has a new and exciting side to it, as now life is shared and experienced between two people.Christmas is especially an exciting time for newlyweds; here are ten Christmastraditions to start with your loved one you can cherish together year after year.Decide as a couple what kind of tree you would like. Will you tradition be fetching the deceiving faux tree out of storage, or hunting down the perfect fresh Christmas printed straw tree? You can even go and search for one in the forest yourself!

As a new couple, begin your own Christmas get together traditions. Invite over some friends your age, or in a similar lifestyle and enjoy a fun evening of laughter and good food. This will be a change from the past family dinners, but it will represent the new phase of your life.A special Christmas meal is something all families talk about and look forward to together. Start your own, and make it personal, even quirky. Roasted marshmallows? Skittles drinking straws  for dessert? Three special salads? Whatever you like.While many people send out impersonal cards with nothing but their names scrawled inside, take the time to start the tradition of genuine Christmas cards. Send the people you love or miss a note wishing them seasons greetings and include an update on your life. Make it genuine and it will be a pleasure to receive.ecide how you want Christmas morning to play out… tearing down the stairs to look under the tree, or start with a big Christmas breakfast. Spend the day in pajamas? Have the morning suit you, and get the most out of it.

It’s the holiday time of the year; which calls for mouthwatering food, drink and, of course, multiple invitations to the best  Christmas ornaments parties. This is for those who are still recovering from past shameful Christmas party experiences or those who are attending a Christmas party for the first time and need some tips on what to avoid. For the sake of your embarrassment level and preserving your respect at work we give you “10 things not to do at a Christmas Party”.While you’re drunk inhibitions and common sense can fall to disastrous levels.. The fact that you saw your boss smile for the first time is not an open invitation to express your feelings.Girls, don’t overdo it with low-cut dresses and men, leave that ancient light-blue tuxedo in the back of your closet or better yet give in to your wife and just get rid of it already! Instead go for something simple and sophisticated.The heady mixture of drink, rich food, music and the sight of your colleagues wearing party clothes can create an atmosphere that leads down a dangerous path. Remember, you still have to work with these people when you are both sober.

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Favorite parts

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